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March 1, 2 and 3, 2024


El Reto del Indio

Panama Ocean to Ocean Ultra Trail Run

El Reto del Indio is an ultramarathon that takes place in the summer of Panama and crosses the Isthmus, Ocean to Ocean. Leaving from the sands of the Caribbean Sea, in the Province of Colón, crossing the mountains of Panamá Oeste and Coclé until reaching Playa Blanca in the Pacific Ocean.

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Camaraderie, goodwill and friendship

The race is characterized by a great feeling of camaraderie, good will and friendship. By 2023, in its third year, we will have three distances: 160 km (100 miles) Ocean to Ocean, 105 km from Tres Hermanas to Playa Blanca and 55 km from El Valle to Playa Blanca.



El Reto del Indio was one of my toughest and most amazing ultra trail I have ever had. It was so challenging fighting with the hot weather, humidity, mud and level distances, but absolutely worth it because running into the ocean after 160 km is an unforgettable memory.  


I have never had so much love, kindness and support on a trail in abroad as I have received here from the organizers or from other participants, I felt from the first moment I am here as much as a local runner.


This is a trail that you have to experience, it will take your breath away in more ways than one.




The Indian Challenge provides unique components to that discipline. My experience has been very rewarding. The obstacles I had to overcome have been different between my two participations in the Indian Challenge.Taking longer to finish 130k than to finish 160k says it all!


What remained consistent is the level of energy, of positivism, the human quality that is experienced at the beginning, during and end of each tour, the feeling of having achieved the impossible and of having lived an entire life in less than 30 hours.


Are you ready to cross Panama's Isthmus?

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