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Race Rules

For the safety of you and us it is important that you comply with all the rules and requirements mentioned below.

  1. The race reserves the right of admission. For the 160kms, El Reto del Indio 2023 must have been completed in either of the two distances, 100kms and 160kms or an Ultra race outside of Panama (80kms+).

  2. The equipment required on this page must be met.

  3. Nobody will be able to start the race without having signed the Voluntary Discharge agreement that includes having read and accepted these rules.

  4. Attending the congress physically or virtually where the race is explained and instructions are given is mandatory.

  5. All runners must be at the starting point at the starting time.

  6. All runners have to wear their number throughout the race in a visible place.

  7. Although the times in the race are wide, if one of the stations is reached after the defined maximum time, it will not be allowed to continue in the race. Transportation back to Panama City will be provided at 3 Hermanas. If it is in El Valle de Antón, the runner must have their own means of transportation.

  8. The person in charge of any support station has the power to not allow a runner to continue the race and is out of the race.

  9. At the finish line there is no transportation for the runners. Everyone should have their own method of transportation.

  10. Littering is not allowed on the road.

  11. Runners must bring their own bottles or backpacks with bladders to refill at support stations.

  12. The personal support bags for the Tres Hermanas and El Valle de Anton stations must be delivered on the day of the congress, before the race, and will be available at the 3 Hermanas and El Valle support points, respectively.

  13. The pacers or companions must have registered for the race and will only be allowed from El Valle de Antón.

  14. Pacers may not carry gear on the runner.

  15. It is forbidden for vehicles or people to provide external support during the race, they can only bar the runners.

  16. Camaraderie and a good attitude are expected throughout the race. Any negative or aggressive attitude towards other runners, race staff and people on the route will not be allowed.

  17. Person who withdraws from the race without notifying the organizers will not be able to participate in El Reto del Indio the following year. You must notify a support station or send a message to a cell phone number that will be given before the race. This is for the safety of the runners.

  18. A person who is proven to have cheated will not be able to run in El Reto del Indio for two years, nor in Panama Trail Running races for the same time.

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