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A bit of our story...


The first Reto del Indio

The first Reto del Indio was held in 2005 as a multi-leg ride from Chumico to Boca de Río Indio. First, he rode a bicycle from the beach to Río Indio Nacimiento, passing through El Valle de Antón. Then we walk to Tres Hermanas along the route of the Río Indio. In Tres Hermanas we take kayaks and paddle to Boca de Río Indio in the Caribbean. This race is born from our desire to share this route with all the runners who are attracted by the challenge of running from one ocean to another, crossing an entire continent.

The first tour took an entire weekend from early Saturday morning to sundown Sunday. Over time we improved the route and without stopping to sleep. Now we propose that this route be done running within 30 hours. Join El Reto del Indio!

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The Indian Challenge 2017

We ran the first El Reto del Indio from Friday, February 24 to Saturday, February 25, 2017. We left at 9:00 pm from Icacal, Colon Iñaki Lasa and Daniel Brostella in the first attempt to cross the Isthmus from the Atlantic to the Pacific until the Farallón beach running almost 136kms continuously through trails and mountains.


In this first Ultra Challenge, the mind behind the challenge, Rompy Bennett and his brother Roger, could not accompany us but the objective was fulfilled, passing through rivers, mountains, views of the Panama Canal with ships crossing and opening the way to the Panama Ocean to Ocean Ultra Run El Reto del Indio! The tour took us a little more than 24 hours.

El Reto del Indio 2020

In this 2020, with all its pandemic difficulties and restrictions, we couldn't let it pass without a good challenge. Knowing that there was going to be rain and mud making the route of approximately 130 kilometers very difficult, Iñaki Lasa (El Chivo), Mónica Costarangos (Monshka), Rogelio Bennett (Tigrillo), Chemi Mandarakas and David Poveda decided to sign up for the challenge, all managing to finish the Ocean to Ocean Panama Ultra Run   #ElRetodelIndio . I don't have enough words for this team, they are monsters. Keep running!

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