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El Reto del Indio!

El Reto del Indio is a race on mountain paths and trails, for individual participation, which crosses Panama from north to south, beginning in the Atlantic Ocean, near Salud, Colón, continues towards Gatun Lake, a lake that for many years was the largest artificial lake in the world and serves as transit for ships that cross the Panama Canal, from there it crosses to the province of Panamá Oeste until meeting the start of the 105kms in Tres Hermanas, Capira. From there the continental divide begins to rise, following the Rio Indio until it reaches almost 1,000 meters high where it then descends to enter the town of El Valle de Anton, in the Province of Coclé, where the distance of 55kms starts (from mountain to sea) to finally leave the Valley and begin the descent towards Playa Blanca, where the finish line is crossed and the race is closed by diving headfirst into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.


160 kilometers |+5,200mts

160 kilometers from Ocean to Ocean of Health, Colón to Hotel Decameron, Playa Blanca, Coclé. requiresexperienceprevious. 


105 kilometers |+3,000 meters

105 kilometers from Tres Hermanas, Panamá Oeste to the Decameron Playa Blanca Hotel, Coclé. Does not require previous experience.


55 kilometers |+1,000 meters

55 kilometers from the mountain to the beach. They depart from El Valle de Antón to the Decameron Hotel, Playa Blanca. No previous experience required. 

General information

Friday March 1, 2024

Distance: 160KM

Elevation: +5,200 meters
Place of Departure: Salúd, Colón

Delivery time: 6:00 pm

Cutoff: 38hrs

Saturday March 2, 2024

Distance: 105KM

Elevation: +3,000 meters
Place of Departure: Three Sisters

Departure Time: 8:00 a.m.

Cutoff: 24hrs

Saturday March 2, 2024

Distance: 55KM

Elevation: +1,000 meters
Place of Departure: The Valley

Departure Time: 6:00 a.m.

Cutoff: 12hrs

Registrations open soon!


Elevation Profiles

160KM El Reto del Indio

Profile 160k .png

105KM El Reto del Indio

Profile 105k .png

55KM El Reto del Indio

Profile 55k.png
*NOTE: The GPS tracks of the race will be shared.

Registration includes:

 ‣ Access to the chosen race: 160KM, 105KM or 55KM

‣ Runner kit with sponsor products
‣ Race t-shirt
‣ BIB / Runner's Number
‣ Electronic race timing service
‣ Finisher Medal for runners who cross the finish line

‣ Buckle for 160 KM runners who cross the finish line
‣ Trophies for the winners
‣ Hydration and snacks at Aid Stations
‣ Medical attention in route
‣ Access to Hotel Decameron with drinks, food, restrooms and amenities

Registration Cost

160 KM: US $185.00
105 KM: US $130.00
55 KM: US $80.00

PACER: $35.00

(Includes shirt + Decameron Day Pass) 

SHUTTLE 160KM / 105KM : $15.00
(To race start 160KM in Salud, Colón
/ To race start 105KM in Tres Hermanas)


Values expressed in US dollars.

Payment methods: Bank transfer and credit cards (online)

Account number for transfer:

Banco General
Cuenta Corriente
Club Orientacion Panama (CLOPAN)

Distance Changes

‣ Distance changes may be made once registered as long as there is space in the new distance, paying a management fee of US $10.00 
‣ If the distance change is to a shorter distance, the difference in price between the original distance and the new distance will not be refunded.
‣ If the distance change is to a greater distance, the participant must pay the difference in the registration value that exists between the 2 distances in addition to the management cost.
‣ Distance changes can be managed by sending an email to until February 1, 2024 as long as there is space and registration is open.


If you cannot participate in El Reto del Indio 2024 you can cancel the registration and receive a full refund (100%) until November 15, 2023. After this date and before December 15, 2023, 50% will be refunded. After December 15 no refund is available.

Tengo que decir que el mastermind detrás de esta ruta ha creando un evento único en la región, es para mí una carrera de proporciones místicas, una experiencia transformadora.


Atravesar el Istmo de Océano a Océano por las montañas de Panamá en un recorrido que suma 100 millas en modo Ultratrail me atrajo magnéticamente desde un inicio.



Creo que no habrá una respuesta concreta, solo cuando cruzas una línea de meta con un recorrido tan largo, tan duro, tan emocional y crudo puedes entender cuál es la razón.

Kim Escalante - Guatemala

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